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You can hear better today.

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Welcome to Global Hearing Aids


At Global Hearing Aids, we understand how hearing loss impacts people and their relationships with others. A loss in hearing is frustrating for both the individual as well as their family and friends. We strive daily to help our clients regain connections with society and loved ones and reunite them with the world.


We offer our clients the latest in digital technology. On your first visit, you will receive a FREE hearing test and consultation. We want our clients to have the best possible hearing instruments at an affordable cost. We also only fit hearing aids that we know will work for our clients. We work with the hearing aid industry's leading manufacturers such as Resound, Sonic Innovations and Signia. We accept ALL major medical insurances. We also offer discounted services and products for Veterans.


At Global Hearing, Walk-ins are welcome. We also provide:


  • Free Hearing Tests

  • All Major Hearing Aid Brands (including rechargeable)

  • Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Hearing Aid Repair (lab on-site)

  • Smartphone Accessories and Apps (including GPS)

  • Earmolds and Earplugs

  • Free cleaning

  • Discounted Service for Veterans

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We offer 100% Digital Technology, GN Resound, Sonic innovations and Siemans. Our products include:


  • In-the-ear Styles

  • Completely in the Canal (CIC)

  • In the Canal (ITC)

  • Full Shell or In the Ear (ITE)

  • Behind the Ear Styles

  • Mini BTE with slim tube and tip

  • Receiver in Canal (RIC)

  • BTE with Earmold

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We will find the best hearing aids for you and your lifestyle!

“If I could give a 10 star rating, I would. Walked in cold off the street, desperate to replace lost hearing aids, and Bill Collins immediately took me under wing. He gave me a very thorough hearing exam, including spoken word recognition ("did I say cold or bold?"), which I had not been given before, but found very telling as to my particular hearing deficiencies. He then fitted me with the best hearing aids I have ever experienced. I have not heard this well in decades (I am 72). I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Collins and Global Hearing Aids, Inc. to anyone with hearing difficulties. I will be a customer for life!”

- Charles Garrett

"Dr. Collins is a Fantastic Doctor and a Fantastic Person. I came with my Fiance for his hearing test. She was so nice & thorough.
She was very compassionate to both of us. Her business was a lovely place. She made us feel very welcomed. She was a down to earth person but very professional.

I recommend this place to anybody that wants to be treated nice & with respect. I was so impressed by the way she treated us & with another patient that was there while we were waiting for my Fiance's appointnent."

- Mary Massie

“Carol and Bill Collins at Global Hearing Aids are about more than selling a product. I have known them since they opened their Mebane office. They are more interested in my getting the best service for my hearing needs. This, I am confident, is true for everyone who visits them… Over the years of their service, I have come to know Carol and Bill Collins as not only my Hearing Aid Specialists, but also my friends.”


- Former Mayor of Mebane, Brooks Gardner

"Dr. Collins gave me a hearing test for the Department of veterans affairs today. I didn't know what to expect because it was out of town at a place that I have never been. I have to say it was a very pleasant experience. She was so very nice and professional and everything you need for a thorough exam. What won me over was that she seemed to really care for her patients, ( I heard her talking to the patient before me) and not treat you like a number. It was well worth the drive to Mebane to be treated like that and I would fully recommend her to anyone with an ear/ hearing issue... THANKS Dr Collins for being who you a world of uncaring and rushed people you are a breath of fresh air."

- Rey Encarnacion 

“These are the best hearing aids I’ve ever had.”


-Tommy DeLoache

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